Hack for rehab - General information

What is our plan?

This is the last hackathon of five hackathon in five different countries: the Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Germany (and Belgium). After these five events, the best (applicable) ideas will go to the next round: the Game jams. There, the ideas are refined into a functioning VR solution. The complete process will look like this:

What are we looking for?

Together, we are working to find solution for 5 themes in rehabilitation:

  • VR for pain management: Denis Martin, Professor of Rehabilitation at the Teesside Univerity in England, gives us some hints about pain and its management and asks a fundamental question: what can VR do for pain management?
  • VR for engagement and immersion to promote treatment adherence: Professor Dido Green from Royal Free London NHS Trust gives us some hints about how VR can be used for the Engagement and immersion to promote treatment adherence.
  • VR for behavioural therapy after Traumatic Brain Injury: PD Dr. Kristina Müller of the Verbund Katholischer Kliniken Düsseldorf presents her challenge.
  • VR for walk and gait impairments: Noël Keijsers, senior researcher for the Sint Maartenskliniek, presents his challenge, to find VR solutions for the adults with walk and gait impairments, to help them train and improve their gait after their training in the clinic.
  • VR for training of upper limb movements: Pauline Aarts, manager of the children’s rehabilitation at the Sint Maartenskliniek, presents her challenge, to find VR solutions for the children of the very special pirate group.

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